About Therapet

We are a 100% donor supported volunteer organization. We depend on these donations to operate our non-profit organization. We are not paid by any facility for our services.

Therapet currently has 70+ dogs, 3 cats, and a cockatoo working in our programs.  The animals do far more than just visit patients.  Therapet establishes goal-oriented therapy programs as well as visitation programs.

We have also helped establish programs in other parts of Texas, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico,  New York and Virginia.  Therapet holds educational seminars across the country to help clinicians, educators and volunteers learn how to use animals in health care, education and other therapy and visitation related settings.


Our educational goal is to:

  1. Establish & Communicate standards of practice for using specially trained animals in healthcare and educational settings.
  2. Provide education to healthcare, educators, facility leaders and volunteers.
  3. Educate communities on opportunities and benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy.
  4. Train, certify and assure competency of human/animal volunteer teams.