About Therapet

Our Mission Statement

To utilize specially trained and certified animals to promote health, hope and healing.

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Establishing and communicating standards of practice for the use of specially trained animals in the healthcare setting.
  • Providing education to healthcare professionals, educators and facility leaders.
  • Educating communities on the opportunities and benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy.
  • Providing the highest quality and best trained volunteer/animal teams to the people we serve.


Our Vision Statement

Every day, Therapet teams motivate, inspire and comfort people by providing excellence in health, hope and healing. Therapet provides internationally recognized standards, educational expertise and highly sought after certification programs for the successful management of animal assisted therapy and animal assisted activities.

Our Values



We are compassionate and supportive to the communities and clients we serve.

As individuals and as an organization, we…

  • value the positive influence of the human/animal bond as it impacts health, hope and healing
  • are committed to serving with empathy
  • are committed to health, hope and healing
  • are responsive to the needs of our community and clients
  • value the quality of life of our clients



We are committed to providing quality services and education.

As individuals and as an organization, we…

  • are selfless in our service
  • are sincere in our mission of promoting health, hope and healing
  • are committed to making a difference
  • are committed to superior outcomes for our clients
  • strive to meet the needs in our community
  • promote our services in the community
  • are promoting safe program development and operations through educational seminars and presentations
  • value relationships we have with collaborative partners


We consider trust and integrity to be essential in all our relationships.

As individuals and as an organization, we…

  • are committed to honestly operating our organization
  • are committed to financial integrity
  • are committed to professionalism in services and educational programs provided
  • agree to disagree and collectively support all board decisions
  • assess ourselves and our effectiveness as a board



We have an all inclusive respect for each other as well as those that we serve.

As individuals and as an organization, we…

  • believe everyone is important regardless of gender, race, religion, culture or ethnicity
  • respect, recognize and appreciate the individuality of the community and clients we serve, our board members, volunteers and staff
  • resolve conflicts with honesty, respect and compassion